My QuickTrade Account

Creating an account
QuickTrade requires you to make an account inside the app to validate your employment and handle your subscription payment. You'll use your AA Jetnet/Envoyair credentials to log into the app and you'll be asked for your name and email address for employment verification. After submitting this info, your account will be created and the system will attempt to validate your employment automatically. If this is successful, you'll be able to log in immediately.

If I have a QuickBid account, is it the same login?
No, QuickBid and QuickTrade are separate systems. Even if you have a QuickBid account, you will have to register a new one for QuickTrade.

What info do you need during Sign Up?
QuickTrade uses your employee number as your login, and it requires some additional information to ensure you are employed by the company. Providing your name allows us to validate your employment and also helps us if you have trouble with your account. Providing your email allows us to verify we are talking with you, and not some phishing scam, if the need arises.

Privacy Policy
QuickBid, LLC is committed to its users' privacy.
Your email address and other information will not be sold or distributed at any time.
Our full Privacy Policy is detailed on our Privacy Page located here.

Making Payments
QuickTrade is a monthly service for pilots and flight attendants. After registering, your first two months are free! After your trial period is done, you will have to purchase additional months of service inside the app using your Apple ID. You can purchase months in increments of 1, 3, 6, and 12 month periods. You can also make multiple purchases and they will extend your subscription.

Refund Policy
Unused months remaining in your subscription are usually refundable if necessary.
Our full Refund Policy is detailed here.

Account Security
All QuickTrade website and app communication is encrypted for your protection. Your Jetnet and DECS passwords will be stored securely on your device, and only transmitted to the company in the same way you would type your password into the Jetnet webpage (over HTTPS). Airline passwords are never transmitted to QuickTrade.

Canceling my service
It is safe to simply allow your subscription with QuickTrade to run out. However if you'd like your account to be removed, you may Contact Us. Your information such as name and email can be removed, however we will keep your employee number on record to prevent users for signing up for multiple free demo periods.